Age of Empires Mobile Town Center Guide and Requirements

Town Center in the Age of Empires Mobile

Town Center in the Age of Empires Mobile is the most important building. It is the foundation for all other buildings, which means that no building can be higher level than the town center. For example, if you want to upgrade your hospital to level 20, you will need a town center on level 20. Otherwise, you are not able to upgrade it. Currently, the maximum level of Town Center in Age of Empires Mobile is 30.

Why Town Center Is Important

Why Town Center Is Important

Town Center is important because each level will give you additional troop capacity, unlock buildings, and get you additional commanders in marches. This will all drastically help you with your progression and your power. If you are a new player, town center level 17 is your main goal. The reason for that is that you will be able to use 3 commanders in one march. Additional commanders in march will allow you to farm more resources, kill barbarians faster, complete events, and fight efficiently. 

University bonus: An additional reason why you want to rush town center is so you can upgrade university. Each time you upgrade university, it will give you bonus research speed, which is extremely beneficial when you take into consideration the amount of research you have to do. 

Growth Fund: With each level of the town center, you are able to claim rewards from the Growth Fund. Do not worry about rushing town centers without purchasing growth. You can claim all rewards from the Growth Fund at any time. 

Troops Capacity: The more troops your march has, the more damage it will deal. Also, it will increase the capacity to carry resources, which is beneficial for gathering and looting other players’ cities. 

Events: Some events require you to be at a certain town center level in order to participate. 

Rewards: Each time you upgrade your town center, you will get a lot of rewards. 

Town Center Requirement

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Town Center Details

LevelPowerCapacityBuildableHero Slots
5304700Guard Tower
93,4482.5KNo.2 Quarry
119,2344KNo3. Lumber Camp
1214,2465KWar Hall+1
1321,1136KNo.3 Mill+1
1541,4658KNo.2 Gold Mine+1
1656,0919.5KNo.3 Quarry+1
1774,81111KNo4. Lumber Camp+2
1898,77312.5KNo.4 Mill+2
20168,70416KNo.3 Gold Mine+2
21218,95718KNo.4 Quarry+2
24471,00024KNo.4 Gold Mine+2

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