How To Teleport In Age of Empires Mobile

How To Teleport In Age of Empires Mobile

Teleporting in Age of Empires Mobile is one of the most important things that you have to know how to do if you are a new player. With teleport items, you will be able to relocate your city anywhere on the map, near alliance cities, move your city to a new zone, etc.

Teleporting in the Age of Empires Mobile is similar to other mobile games, and it is extremely easy. So in this guide, we will cover all types of teleports, how to use them, and how to get them

How to use the Age of Empires Mobile Teleport

How to use the Age of Empires Mobile Teleport

Using relocation items to teleport your city in Age of Empires Mobile is extremely easy and simple. First, you need relocation items that will allow you to teleport. If you are teleporting on alliance territory, then you have two free teleports that you can use. If you use all of the free teleports, you can purchase them for 500 Empire coins. If you want to teleport to any location, then you will need targeted relocation items that can be obtained via events.

Once you get your relocation items, you have to choose a place where you want to teleport to your city. You can activate the relocation item in two ways:

Holding click on the map: When you hold click on the map, a new window will pop up that will say relocate. Click on it, and you will be able to relocate.

From inventory: Go to your inventory in the other tab where your relocation items are. Click on the relocation item, and then click the button that says Use.

After you choose your location, you can simply click on the confirmation button. Keep in mind that there are some requirements and restrictions that can prevent you from teleporting.

Requirements and Restrictions Before Using Teleport

There are some restrictions and requirements when you are teleporting your city in Age of Empires Mobile.

All your troops must be in the city. Before you try to teleport, make sure to recall all the troops. If you do not, the game will not allow you to teleport.

Terrain restrictions: When you are choosing a place to teleport to your city, you will see a lot of red and green squares. The game will not allow you to relocate on squares that are red. If there is a resource node somewhere where you want to teleport, you or your alliance members can collect it so it will become green, allowing you to teleport.

New zones: In order to teleport cities to new zones, you will need to conquer the gate. Without gates, you are not able to teleport to that zone.

Types of Teleports and How to get them.

Territory Relocation Territory Relocation

Territory relocation allows you to move your citadel to any location within the alliance territory. Territory Relocation only allows you to teleport to Alliance territory, so to teleport to any location,you need a targeted relocation item.

You do not have to buy territorial relocation items. You get one every two days for free. If you spend all, then you have to spend 500 empire coins to purchase it, or spend 5000 alliance coins in the alliance treasury.

Targeted Relocation Targeted Relocation

It allows you to teleport anywhere on the map. This relocation item is extremely valuable and hard to get. Do not use it randomly or to teleport on alliance territory. You will need Targeted Relocation for war planning and to position your city for flight. You can get it by completing various events, and you can purchase it in the VIP Store.

You need VIP level 6 to be able to purchase it, and it costs 2500 Empire coins, which is quite expensive. So think twice before using targeted relocation. 

Random Relocation Item Random Relocation

Random relocation allows you to move your citadel to a random location within the region you are in. Be extremely careful when you are using random relocation. It can teleport you near enemy players, so they will be able to attack your city really fast.

How to teleport to alliance territory

How to teleport to alliance territory

Teleporting to alliance territory in Age of Empires Mobile is the same as teleporting to any point on the map. Zoom out of the map, look for your alliance on the map. When you find your alliance and a good spot on alliance territory, simply use a reclamation item. You can use it via Territory Relocation and Targeted Relocation. We recommend that you use only Territory Relocation because Targeted Relocation is expensive and hard to get.

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