Age of Empire Mobile Talent Tree Builds For All Heroes

Talent Trees for heroes in Age of Empire Mobile are one of the most important things that you have to build correctly and upgrade to the maximum level. What a talent tree does is boost the power and skills of your hero. If you are fighting against the same hero, but he has a better talent tree, he will definitely win. There are a lot of different activities and ways of attacking in the Age of Empire Mobile, like gathering, fighting barbarians, attacking objectives, etc. Each of these activities will have a suitable talent tree build.

Heroes that have the right talent tree build will perform much better than heroes that have the completely wrong talent tree build. Tier 7 units are the strongest in the game, but you can really lose a fight against Tier 6 units while using Tier 7 if your heroes are using the wrong talent tree build.

There are a lot of different talent tree builds that you can make for each hero, and it can be overwhelming. That is why we created the best talent tree builds for each hero, so you can get the most from your heroes. Every talent tree build has been tested in-game multiple times by high-end players, and they were tested in the best scenario in order to get the best possible talent tree build.

If you have a talent tree that works for you, or if you have a suggestion, question, or concern about the talent tree, feel free to share it with us so we can do research and discuss it. If you need Empire coins to reset the talent tree, then you can use Age of Empire Mobile codes. To easily build your talent, download Age of Empire Mobile on your PC.

Some foundational information that all players must know about Talent Tree Build in Age of Empire Mobile:

  • What talent tree path a hero will have depends on their specialties.
  • The majority of talent tree skills require prerequisite talent.
  • After level 20, the hero will get 1 talent tree point every 2 levels.
  • Focus on leveling the best heroes that are in the game.
  • You have to build a talent tree for both primary and secondary heroes. They are stacking, unlike in other games, where only the primary hero’s talent tree works. This means that your pairing will have three working talent trees.
  • Level up only heroes that you will use all the time to get the maximum amount of talent tree points.

That is all the basic information that you need. Just keep in mind that some heroes will have more talent tree build combinations because of their role, power, and synergy.

Click on the hero name or image, and a new page will open containing the best possible talent tree builds for that hero.

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