How To Get Speedups in Age of Empires Mobile

How To Get Speedups in Age of Empires Mobile

Age of Empires Mobile is a city-building game where you will build and research a lot of different things. What is great is that on everything, you can use speedups that will save you time. A lot of players are wondering what the best ways are to get speedups in Age of Empire Mobile.

There are many different ways and things that you can do in order to obtain speedups in Age of Empire Mobile. We have in-game activities like completing quests, in-game shops, destroying barbarians, completing events, etc. There are so many ways that you can obtain speedups in Age of Empire Mobile.

There are two main things in Age of Empires Mobile that will give you an advantage and a lot of speedups. The first one is Whale Alliance, where you can get chests that contain speedups when alliance members spend money inside a game. The second one is spending money inside a game store.

All other ways are the same for all players. The only thing that determines the number of speedups that you will get is your activity. Almost everything that you do in Age of Empires Mobile will reward you with speedups. If you really want to progress faster and get speed-ups, you have to be active and join the Whale Alliance.

A whale alliance is key to progression, and every single player should join one. The reason is not only that you can get speedups from Alliance Chest, but Whale Alliance will also have bonuses from Alliance technology and building that will reduce the amount of speedups that you need to finish building, researching, and training.

Speedups From In-Game Activity

Speedups From In-Game Activity 

In Age of Empires Mobile, there are a lot of different in-game activities that you can do that will reward you with speedups.

Defeating Barbarians: In order to defeat barbarians you will need Stamina. Each time you defeat barbarians, you will get rewards like resources and speedups. The amount of speedups that you will get depends on the level of barbarians. The higher the level of barbarians, the better the rewards are.

Quests and Exploration: There are a lot of different quests and explorations that you can do. The majority of them will give you speedups, so make sure that you complete all of them.

Redeem Codes: When you redeem Age of Empires Mobile codes, you will get Empire coins and speedups. You can also spend Empire coins on purchasing speedups from the store.

Events Speedups

Events: There are an insane number of events in Age of Empires Mobile that you can do every day. Each one of them will have a certain number of speedups as a reward. To check what events are active and what is coming, you can check the calendar located in the top right corner of your screen. We recommend that you do every single event so you can get speedups and other valuable rewards that will definitely speed up your progression.

Hero Recruitment: Each time you open the Hero Recruitment chest, you have a chance of obtaining speedups. The amount that you will get depends on your luck.

Expedition: In Expedition, you will find different game modes that are fun. Each one of them will give you various items, like speedups, depending on your progression. Your goal is to complete all of them. It will take you some time, but give your best.

Whale Alliance

Whale Alliance 

Whale Alliance is an alliance where players purchase a lot of packs and bundles from the Game Store. Each time a player purchases something, the whole alliance will get a reward chest that can contain speedups. The number of speedups that you can get is insane, and they will drastically boost your progression. That is why we always recommend that every player join the Whale Alliance, especially those who are free to play.

Speedups from the Game Shop

Speedups from the Game Shop 

Like every mobile game, Age of Empires Mobile has a game shop where players can spend real money to purchase bundles and packs. Each one of them coins a certain amount of speedups. We do not recommend spending money to purchase them, especially if you only need speedups. There are bundles for commanders that will give you much better value.

Speedups from the In-Game Store

Speedups from the In-Game Store

In Age of Empire Mobile, there are a lot of different stores where you can purchase speedups. Each one of them requests a certain currency. Before you purchase speedups from stores, you have to look at other items that the store is offering. Sometimes it is better to purchase other items that will give you more value instead of speedups. So before you purchase speedups from the store, think about what value they will give you and what other items they are offering.

Merits Store: A merit store is a shop where you will spend merit currency. To obtain merit currency, you have to defeat other players.

Items Store: The Items Store is a place where you can spend your Empire Coins. It is divided into 3 categories: items, speedups, and resources. It is best that you do not spend Empire Coins on speedups in the Items Store because the value that you will get is not that great. It is better to purchase hero skills.

Military Exercise Store: When you complete military exercise in expectation, you will get military coins that can be spent in the military exercise store. It is best to purchase only speedups that are discounted.

Alliance Treasury

Alliance Treasury: To purchase speedups from Alliance Treasury, you will need Alliance Coins. Alliance coins can be obtained by doing alliance activities and donating to alliance technology.

Wandering Merchant: Wandering Merchants will appear randomly in your city. What items the Wandering Merchant will have is random. Each item can cost Empire Coins or Resources, and it can be discounted. We recommend that you purchase all speedups that cost resources. For speedups that cost Empire Coins, you want to only purchase ones that are discounted. Otherwise, it will not give you the best value for your Empire Coins.

VIP Store: In the VIP store, you can find a lot of different speedups that are on discount. To unlock items in a VIP store, you have to increase your VIP level.

Alternatives to Speed-Ups

Alternatives to Speed-Ups

Alternatives to Speed-ups are bonuses that you can get. These bonuses are not speedups, but they will reduce the time you need to build, research, and train units, so you do not have to use too many speedups. You can get them from VIP Level, Alliance Technology, Upgrading Buildings to a Certain Level, Alliance Buildings, and Alliance Help.

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