How To Get Empire Coins in Age of Empires Mobile

How To Get Empire Coins in Age of Empires Mobile

Empire Coins in Age of Empires Mobile are the most important type of resource that players can get. The reason why they are so important is that Empire Coins can be used for VIPs, getting legendary tokens, skills, events, etc. The problem with Empire Coins is that they are extremely hard to get while there are a lot of ways to spend them.

There are two categories of ways to get Empire Coins in Age of Empires Mobile: free-to-play and pay-to-win. Free to play way is getting Empire Coins from events and quests while pay-to-win ways is by simply purchasing them from in-game shops. 

Empire Coins From Events and Quests

Empire Coins From Events and Quests

In Age of Empires, there are a lot of quests and events that every player can do. Some will give you basic rewards like resources and speedups, while others will give you Empire Coins. We always recommend that you try to complete every single event and quest so you can get all the rewards, not just the Empire Coins. Completing events will drastically help you with progression, especially if you are a free-to-play player.

The problem with getting Empire Coins in Age of Empire Mobile is that when you reach the end-game and complete all quests, you are really limited in the ways to get them. In other mobile games, you can find Empire Coins on the map that you can gather, while in Age of Empires Mobile, you are not able to gather them.

In Age of Empires, you can get Empire Coins by:

Daily Quests: A lot of players miss this, but you can complete a daily quest each day that will reward you with 200 Empire Coins. 

Main Quests: When you are a new player, you will have a lot of main quests that are not complete. For example, when you upgrade a hospital to level 12, you will get 50 Empire Coins. 

Empire Coins from Alliance

Whale Alliance: Being part of an alliance that spends a lot inside a game shop is crucial for progression if you are a free-to-play player. Each time alliance members purchase something from an in-game shop, the whole alliance will get a small chest. In those chests, you can get various resources, but most importantly, you can get Empire Coins. From my experience, you can accumulate an insane amount of Empire Coins only from the Alliance Chest. 

First-Time Defeating Barbarians: When you first defeat a higher level of barbarians, you will get Empire Coins. 

Events: Events in the Age of Empires will give you the highest number of Empire Coins. Go to the event calendar to see what events are currently happening and if they give Empire Coins as part of the rewards.

Empire Coins from Apex Arena

Apex Arena: Apex Arena is a palace where you will fight against other players. In Apex Arena, you will get Empire Coins daily and after the season. The number that you will get depends on your rankings. 

Lost Borderland: Lost Borderland is an expedition where you have a chance of getting Empire Coins when you complete it. So make sure that you give your best.

Gathering Empire Coins: A lot of players are wondering where Empire Coins are on the map that you can farm like in other mobile games. Unfortunately, Age of Empire does not have this, but it will probably come in the future because a lot of players want it. 

Redeem Codes: Sometimes developers create Age of Empires Mobile codes that every player can redeem. When you redeem it, you will get a lot of resource speedups as well as Empire Coins. So make sure that you redeem all of them. 

Empire Coins From Age of Empires Mobile Store

Empire Coins From Age of Empires Mobile Store 

In Age of Empires Mobile, you will find a lot of different packs and bundles that you can purchase with money. Most of them contain some Empire Coins. We do not recommend that you spend money inside a game, but if you want to, then the best value will give you a Fund, Battle Pass, and Monthly Supplies. 

You can also buy raw Empire Coins, but it is only worth it for the first time because you will get double the amount. After the first patches of raw Empire Coins, it is not worth it. Other bundles will give you much better value. 

Overall, getting Empire Coins in Age of Empires Mobile is extremely hard, so think twice before spending them. Do every single quest and event, and make sure that you join the whale alliance. Eventually, you will accumulate a lot of them.

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