Age of Empires Mobile VIP Store

Age of Empires Mobile VIP Store

In Age of Empires Mobile, a VIP Store is a place where you can purchase different items using Empire Coins. A lot of items are locked in the VIP Store and in order to unlock it you have to increase your VIP level.

What you will purchase from the VIP Store solely depends on what you need. For example, if you are going to fight then it would be smart to purchase attack boost, defense, and army capacity from a VIP Store. Speedups and resources are things that you should never buy especially if you are free to play. There are much better places that will give you better value for your Empire Coins.

Age of Empires Mobile VIP Store Items

Item NameCostVIP LevelQty
50k Food100120
5min Universal Speed Up12160
Epic Skill Scroll70150
Universal Epic Hero Medal100150
10 Stamina Supply120220
Skill Points50240
Lv.5 XP Tome153100
Unit Capacity Increase 10%90031
500k Gold750410
500k Stone750410
500k Food750410
500k Wood750410
Unit Capacity Increase 20%225051
2h Universal Speed Up300520
Legendary Recruitment Token1500630
Targeted Teleport250065
Defense Bonus 10%60075
Attack Bonus 10%60075
1M Stone125085
1M Wood125085
1M Food125085
8h Universal Speed Up120095
Unit Capacity Increase 30%4500101
Lv.6 XP Tome2510100
5M Gold5000112
5M Stone5000112
5M Food5000112
5M Wood5000112
Universal Legendary Hero Medal10001220
Legendary Skill Scroll5001320
24h Universal Speed Up3600145
24h Training Speed Up3600155
Defense Bonus 30%3000165
Attack Bonus 30%3000165
3d Universal Speed Up10800171
Unit Capacity Increase 30%4500182

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