Age of Empires Mobile Ultimate Beginner Guide

Age of Empires Mobile Ultimate Beginner Guide

Age of Empires Mobile is a new game that has a lot of features and things to upgrade, research, build, and optimize. If you have not played any city-building games, you will be overwhelmed with information when you start playing. We designed Age of Empires Mobile Beginner to provide you with all the necessary information for a smooth start and to accelerate your progress.

New Kingdoms

New Kingdoms

When you create an account, you will automatically be in a new kingdom. This is because all players start at zero, meaning you will encounter beginner events and milestones, among other things. We do not recommend creating an account on an old server, as the players there will have a significant advantage, making it difficult for you to compete. Also, you will not get any rewards from beginner events and milestones.



Currently, there are 4 civilizations that you can choose from in the Age of Empires Mobile: Byzantium, France, Rome, and England. When you look at the bonuses they will give, you will notice that they will not have a lot of impact on your gameplay. Basically, all civilizations are the same in strength, so choose the civilization that you like the most.

Town Center

Town Center Details

Town Center is the main building in the Age of Empires Mobile. No other building can be higher than the Town Center. We recommend that all players rush Town Center level 17. The reason is that on Town Center level 17, you will unlock 2 hero slots, so your march of units will be able to have 3 heroes. More heroes mean more skills and talents, so you will be able to defeat barbarians and farm more efficiently.

Resources in your city

As you know, your city holds your resources that other players can loot from you when they attack you. You can do the same. Therefore, never use resource items if you do not need them. Simply use resource items only when you need resources for upgrading. There is no purpose in consuming all resource items, as this will exceed the protected limit and increase the likelihood of attacks from other players.

Join Alliance

allaince mebenfits in AOE Mobile

Joining the Alliance in Age of Empires Mobile is one of the most important things that you have to do as soon as possible. Without that, you’ll lose over 50% of your progress. Let me explain.

Firstly, you have the opportunity to receive Alliance assistance through the Embassy building. So when you join an alliance based on the level of the Embassy, your alliance member will be able to send you Alliance Assistance for building and researching. Each alliance assists in reducing research or building by 1%. Maybe it looks small, but when you get to the end game where each upgrade lasts 20 days, you will notice the difference.

The alliance will also provide you with alliance research bonuses, building bonuses, free resources, and chests, which are awarded to the entire alliance when someone makes a purchase in a shop or reaches a milestone.

What your main focus should be is to look for the most active and powerful alliance on your server. Active and powerful alliances attract pay-to-win players who spend heavily in in-game shops, thereby increasing your chances of receiving more free chests. Also, big (whale) alliances control the most important buildings on the map, so joining them benefits you. Do not forget about alliance events. Big alliances are always in the top three spots.

The Most Important Buildings

While Town Hall is the most important building in Age of Empires Mobile, you should also focus on other buildings. The first building is the Embassy. The higher your Embassy level, the more assistance you can receive from the Alliance.

The second building is the university. When you upgrade university, you will get additional bonus research time, which is crucial if you want to save time on research. Upgrade as much as possible at the Embassy and University.


There are a lot of different heroes in Age of Empires Mobile and each has a talent tree, skills, specialties, and unit bonuses. To activate a specialty, you need to have 2 or 3 heroes of the same specialty in pairing. This will give you bonuses that will increase your overall hero stats, so you’ll be able to do more damage. The same goes for unit types.

If you are a new player, focus on swordsmen units because you will have a few swordsmen heroes that you can unlock quickly for free, like King David.


Leveling Hero

Leveling plays a big part in the strength of your heroes. What I mean by that is that higher-level heroes have more talent points you will be able to use, and a higher-level commander’s main skill will be.

To level up, heroes attack barbarians and get XP Tome from shops and events. An additional thing that you should do is look at the right side of the Military Tactics Mastery talent, where you will see Filed Battle XP. Take that on all your heroes so you get additional experience for defeating barbarians. Keep in mind that talent trees are staking, so if you pick it on all 3 heroes in pairing, you will get a 15% bonus experience.

Hero Skills

Hero Skills section

Each hero has four skills: Commander Skill, Signature Skill, and two additional skills that you can change. Commander skill level depends on your Hero Level while the other 3 can be upgraded using Skill Points.

You can modify two additional skills by clicking on more skills button. When you click on more skills button, a section displaying all the skills that the hero can use will open. To use different skills, you must either purchase them or get them from events.

It is critical to know that you can swap skills at any time. If you upgrade one skill to level 20 and swap it for another, that one will also be level 20. So feel free to swamp and do combos that you like.

Gathering Heroes and Skills

Gathering Hero

As a new player, you should invest in a few gathering heroes. With gathering heroes, you will be able to gather resources faster and get additional resources. So pick a gathering hero, equip him with gathering skills, and take talents for gathering. Just don’t spend too many skill points on upgrading gathering skills; there’s no point.


Technology in AOE Mobile

There are a lot of things that you can research in technology, and eventually, you will research them all. But as a new player, you should focus on the economy tree, especially so you can do research and build bonus speed. But that does not mean that you should completely ignore military technology.

In the military, you should rush Deployable Troops 1 and 2 as soon as possible. This will allow you to dispatch more units, making it easier to defeat the barbarians and gather more resources.

Bundles and Packs

Bundles and Packs

Age of Empires Mobile also has a game shop where you can purchase various bundles and packs for real money, as with every mobile game. We advise against making such purchases if you do not intend to play games for an extended period.

But if you decide to spend money, then we recommend that you purchase the Building Queue Pack, which will unlock additional builders. After that, the best value will give you a limited-time bounty, a monthly pass, and Growth Found.

Redeem Codes

Redeem Codes in AOE Mobile

If you are a new player, then you probably did not redeem any codes. When you redeem codes in Age of Empires Mobile, you will receive free items like resources, speedups, empire coins, and so on. Therefore, it’s crucial to redeem each code and consistently monitor the availability of new ones.


Speedups in AOE Mobile

A new player will receive numerous speedups for beginner events and milestones, but it’s important to avoid making mistakes with them, as most players do. If you have universal speedups, do not use them on training units or upgrading buildings. Use them for researching technology. The quicker you research, the faster you will progress. When you max out your research, start using it to train troops.

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